Cluster Notices

New Node Package Changes08-12-2022

Any new nodes that are provisioned on Unity as of Friday the 5th of August will have a different set of packages, mainly concerning development headers and shared libraries. Existing nodes are not yet affected, although the entire cluster will reflect this change in the distant future.

Our module system, Spack, offers a simple method to install shared libraries and development headers as modules. Previously, we installed these as system APT packages. This will now be handled through Spack. Therefore, users may need to change their scripts to add additional modules for packages that no longer exist.

For example, previously, the package "libnetcdff-dev" was installed, and did not require a module load. This is now the module "netcdf-fortran" and does require a module load on newer nodes. Please let us know if you are looking for a library that does not exist as a module.

Deleting /old07-20-2022

On Monday July 25th, we will be unmounting /old across the Unity cluster. /old has housed your files from home and scratch ever since the storage overhaul in April. Following the unmount next week, we will preserve the files for an additional week, and then begin deleting them.

Please transfer whatever files you need from /old before Monday.