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Below if a table of all available storage on Unity.

Mountpoint Name Location Type Quota Description
/home Home directories Everywhere HDD 10 GB Home directories should be used only for user init files.
/work Work directories Everywhere SSD 3 TB Work should be used as the primary location for running cluster jobs from. There are 2 folders in here a normal user will be concerned with. /work/, which is your personal storage, and /work/, which is a shared folder that can be used by everyone in the lab to share files. Both have the same quota of 3TB for now.
/project Project directories Everywhere HDD Varying Project directories are created on request. Good for large dataset storage or any larger storage that is not directly used for job I/O. Email to request. A common use case is generating job output in /work and copying to permanent storage in /project afterwards. Not for job I/O
/nese NESE mounts Everywhere HDD/Tape Varying Images available from the northeast storage exchange can be found here. Not for job I/O
/nas Buy-in NAS mounts Everywhere Varying Varying This location is where the mounts for buy-in NAS hardware is located on Unity. For users who purchased storage nodes for their own use on Unity only.
/scratch Scratch space Everywhere (Intended for Compute) SSD 40 TB / user, cleared at the end of job /scratch// is created when a job is started. That folder is assigned to $TMP and deleted after the job is complete. Please use this directory like you would /tmp on a normal system - for temporary job I/O that you do not need after the job is completed. Useful for jobs that require large amounts of intermediary files, which is not needed after job completion.
/gypsum Gypsum devices Everywhere HDD Varying For users migrating from the Gypsum cluster to the Unity clusters, you will find all your old storage here.
/old Old mounts Everywhere (Read-Only) Varying Varying Old filesystems which are deprecated live here until they are deleted.